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The most attractive Chinese city, Shanghai “seven consecutive championships”

The theme of “Charming China – the most attractive Chinese city in the eyes of foreign talents” aims to investigate the attractiveness of major cities in China to foreign talents in China through indicators such as work, life and related policy environment of foreign talents in China. In 2018, the theme of “Charming China – the most attractive Chinese city in the eyes of foreign talents” was received by foreigners such as Nobel Prize Winners, Turing Award Winners, Chinese Government Friendship Award Winners, and High-end Foreign Experts. The judges signed 239 votes, the number of which reached the highest in the calendar year. In addition, 2815 signed ballots from ordinary foreign experts and 94,449 foreign netizens were received.

Why is Shanghai once again in this authoritative review? The Municipal Science and Technology Commission (the Municipal Foreign Experts Bureau) introduced that in recent years, Shanghai has implemented the spirit of the central government, and has successively formulated and introduced "20 talents" and "30 talents" around the "five centers" and the construction of a socialist modern international metropolis. Policy measures have enabled foreign talents to continuously optimize their working and living environment in Shanghai, and further increase the concentration of foreign talents. According to statistics, there are currently 215,000 foreigners working in Shanghai, accounting for 23.7% of the country, ranking first in the country.

Since the implementation of the work permit system for foreigners coming to China in April 2017, the city has issued more than 120,000 copies of the “Work Permit for Foreigners”, including more than 20,000 foreign high-end talents, accounting for more than 18%, and the number of foreign talents introduced. And quality ranks first in the country. Since the implementation of the foreign talent visa system in 2018, the city has handled the “Confirmation Letter of Foreign High-end Talents” for nearly 500 foreign talents, ranking first in the country. In order to build a globally influential science and technology center, the city organized nearly 100 projects of introducing intelligence projects in 2018, introducing more than 500 foreign experts and funding about 15 million yuan.

With the support of the State Administration of Foreign Experts and other departments, Shanghai has actively piloted a number of reform policies, such as the work permit system for foreigners coming to China and the foreign talent visa system, and has formulated a series of facilitation measures: First, simplifying the part of foreigners' work permits in China. Procedures for foreigners who apply preferential policies for free trade zones and comprehensive innovation reform pilot zones to simplify the procedures for obtaining work permits in China, and the first foreigners who hold L (tourism) and M (commercial trade activity) visas in the country directly Applying for a foreigner's work permit in the territory; second, to promote the integration of the Yangtze River Delta region, allowing the Yangtze River Delta enterprises stationed in the Hongqiao Business District to apply for foreigners' work permits for foreign talents employed in Shanghai; The application conditions, application materials, and handling procedures for hiring foreign talents have been streamlined, and the work permit for foreigners has been handled by means of “information + commitment” and “acceptance of acceptance”. Fourth, it is difficult to handle foreign high-end talent credit cards. Coordinated with the Bank of China Shanghai Branch, designed specifically for foreign high-end talents working in Shanghai Credit cards do simplify procedures and provide them with the refinement of financial services.

Also, China is increasingly becoming an ideal habitat for talent innovation and entrepreneurship in countries around the world. In 2018, China has issued a total of 336,000 foreign talent work permits, and more than 950,000 foreigners work in China. At present, China has signed 114 intergovernmental cooperation agreements and 346 talent exchange agreements with countries around the world.

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