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The comprehensive venue of the Beijing World Expo will be fully paviled

After more than two years of hard work, nowadays, at the foot of the Lishui River at the foot of the Great Wall, the “One Heart, Two Axis, Three Belts, and Multi-zones” World Garden Park has been formed: the core landscape area, the China Pavilion, the International Pavilion, and the Life. The five main venues of the Experience Hall, the Botanical Garden and the Performing Arts Center have been launched; the Luohe Ecological Leisure Belt, the Gardening Life Experience Belt, the Horticultural Industry Development Zone, the World Horticultural Display Zone, and the Chinese Horticultural Display Zone have been basically formed. "At present, the park's supporting facilities have operational conditions, and the park's civil works project is expected to be fully completed on March 20. The China Pavilion, the International Pavilion, the Life Experience Pavilion, the Botanical Pavilion, and the Performing Arts Center have begun to be exhibited." The relevant person in charge of the World Park Bureau said.

In the China Pavilion, some flowers and plants and landscape decorations have been put in place, and the indoor exhibition areas of some provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have begun to be exhibited. Among them, the China Eco-Cultural Exhibition Area will be followed by the theme of “Heaven and Earth”, “Huifeng Hechang”, “Shanshui Heming”, “Xianghe Yiju” and “Harmony and Symbiosis”, telling the story of the green mountains and green water for the visitors.

In the greenhouse of the plant pavilion, rare plants such as lobular rosewood, Diyong Jinlian, and Qingguoyu have been “entered” and green. During the conference, the plant pavilion will not only gather more than 1,000 kinds of precious plants, but also introduce mysterious mangroves, reproduce the characteristics of the viviparous, pillar roots and salt secretions that the mangroves adapt to the tides and tides, and show the mangroves as the coast guards and the earth. The ecological function of the lungs.

In addition to the “four halls and one heart”, the outdoor exhibition gardens of most provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have also completed 80% of the construction work. At present, 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regional exhibition parks, 17 enterprise exhibition parks, Beijing, Jiangsu, Hainan, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other 26 provinces and autonomous regions, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regional exhibition parks, and Tianjin Haishu The main projects of 15 enterprise exhibition parks, including Jiangsu Aoyang, Beijing Shoukai Shares, and Yunnan Xintong Culture, were basically completed. The stone pavilions that gather the Kistler culture throughout the country and show the centripetal force of the Chinese nation have also received the exhibition stones of 33 provinces, autonomous regions, cities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Among the 110 countries and international organizations that have confirmed their participation, 80 countries and international organizations plan to participate in outdoor exhibitions, and 40 outdoor exhibition parks (33 independent exhibition parks and 7 joint exhibition gardens) will be built. At present, 36 exhibition gardens have been put into construction.
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