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Some booths of the second session of the Expo have been “full”

Zhong Shan said that the total retail sales of consumer goods in China exceeded 38 trillion yuan last year, an increase of 3.2 trillion yuan, which is equivalent to the total amount of zero in the whole year of 1998.

At the same time of increment, the consumption structure is also constantly optimized: service consumption grows faster than commodity consumption, rural consumption grows faster than urban consumption, and individualization, diversification, and customized consumption become new trends...

"So, last year's total growth rate of the zero is in line with China's current development stage, and it is also in line with the requirements of high-quality development." Zhongshan said that this year to promote consumption must do three things, that is, to enhance urban consumption, promote consumption upgrades; Rural consumption promotes “agricultural products into the city and industrial products to the countryside”; develops service consumption and optimizes service supply.

Promote the steady improvement of foreign trade and create a better foreign investment environment

"China's first trading power is more consolidated, and the process of building a strong trade country is accelerating." Zhong Shan said that in the complicated and grim situation, China's foreign trade continued to expand in scale and improve its quality last year.

He said that this year will promote the stability of foreign trade in three aspects. First, stabilize the scale, implement sound foreign trade policy measures, create a good environment for foreign trade operators, and optimize the international market layout; second, improve quality, focus on encouraging high-tech, high-quality, high-value-added products exports, and actively expand imports and optimize The import structure; the third is the rotational force, supporting enterprise technological innovation, institutional innovation, management innovation, and encouraging the development of new trade formats and new models.

In attracting foreign investment, the high-profile foreign investment law draft was submitted to the Second Session of the 13th National People's Congress for deliberation on the 8th. Wang accepts that this law will further optimize China's foreign investment environment.

The second session of the Expo: Some booths have been "full"

Zhong Shan said that this year China will host the second China International Import Expo, with an planned exhibition area of 330,000 square meters, an increase of about 30,000 square meters compared with last year.

He revealed that from the current registration situation, some booths are “full” and it is expected that more new products, new technologies and new services will be unveiled.

"It can be expected that there will be more business opportunities and more transactions in the second session of the Expo, and consumers will have more choices." He said that the second Hongqiao International Economic Forum will be held during the Expo. Invited more famous people from politics, business, learning and research to participate.
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