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The world is full of confidence in China's future development

Italy’s most influential economic daily, the 24-hour Sun, published a commentary on the 6th, which gave a comprehensive and in-depth report on the government work report. According to the article, the government work report proposes the main expected targets for economic and social development in 2019, of which GDP growth is 6% to 6.5%. The article believes that in the context of the international economic and trade environment full of uncertainty and risk challenges, China's proposed goal is in line with the development reality, not only in line with China's goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way, but also in line with market expectations, and more able to provide for world economic development. Help. In addition, China's main economic and social development goals include poverty reduction and ecological environmental protection, which reflect the determination to continue to promote high-quality development. In response to the relevant fiscal policies mentioned in the government work report, the article stated that China will implement a larger tax reduction measure, especially the unprecedented reduction of 2 trillion yuan in tax reduction and fee reduction, which will undoubtedly further reduce corporate tax burden and personal tax burden. We will vigorously optimize the business environment and effectively enhance the innovation power of enterprises, which is of great significance to the long-term development of China's future high-tech enterprises. The article also said that China will continue to deepen the VAT reform, reducing the current 16% tax rate in industries such as manufacturing to 13%, and reducing the current 10% tax rate in the transportation, construction and other industries to 9%, ensuring major industries. The tax burden is significantly reduced.

Another economically influential newspaper in Italy, Milan Finance, also published a review article on the 6th. The article said that the convening of the two sessions in China is worthy of the world's expectations and provides a strong basis for the world to better understand the Chinese government's internal and external policies. “The government work report not only analyzes the overall situation of China's current development, but also points the direction for China's future development.” The article pointed out that in reporting the main expected goals of economic and social development in 2019, China will make great efforts to achieve high-quality development and further deepen. Supply-side structural reforms, insisting on capacity and de-leverage. The article praised China's “One Belt, One Road” initiative and considered it an unprecedented opportunity for Italy. The article quotes Italian geopolitical scholar Matteo Blausan's comment: "Italy is currently playing a key role in China's 'One Belt, One Road' initiative. In 2017, Prime Minister Jean-Turino went to China to attend the 'One Belt and One Road' The International Cooperation Summit Forum has now set up a 'China Affairs Task Force' to deepen Sino-Italian economic and trade cooperation. These reflect the positive willingness of Italy to participate in the 'One Belt, One Road' initiative."

In addition, the article highly evaluates the draft foreign investment law to be considered, and believes that the formulation of the law will further promote the opening of the Chinese market, and thus effectively promote international economic and trade cooperation. The article quoted David Cuccino, chairman of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, as saying: "China's openness is really beyond our expectations. We have noticed that China has begun to expand market opening in many new areas." The article also cited well-known Italian jurists. Stefano Polcelli commented: "(The formulation of foreign investment law) is undoubtedly a key step for China to expand its opening up, which will effectively drive China to achieve a more comprehensive and higher level of openness." The article further pointed out The draft Foreign Investment Law provides detailed regulations on the protection of intellectual property rights of foreign investors, while prohibiting the use of compulsory means to transfer technology. These two highlights respond to the actual demands of foreign investors.

The most comprehensive daily newspaper in Italy, the Evening Post, published an article on the 5th, reporting on China’s development achievements and government work reports in 2018. The article believes that the Chinese government has a very clear understanding and judgment on the challenges that the future will face, and the world is full of confidence in China's future development. The article pointed out that despite the slowdown in China's GDP growth in 2018, the achievements in economic development are still difficult for Western countries to match. The article is highly concerned about China's series of measures to improve the ecological environment. It believes that China is paying more and more attention to protecting the ecological environment, and continues to exert efforts to strengthen pollution prevention and ecological construction, and jointly promote high-quality development and ecological environmental protection.

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