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Li delivers speech at 'Singapore lecture

Singapore, nov 13 (xinhua) -- Chinese premier li keqiang on Monday delivered a keynote speech on "creating and sharing prosperity through open and open channels" at a seminar in Singapore.Attended by Singaporean prime minister lee hsien loong and presided over by deputy prime minister teo chee hean.

Li said that currently bilateral relations are moving forward steadily and practical cooperation continues to deepen.During President xi jinping's state visit to Singapore in 2015, the two countries established a comprehensive cooperative partnership with The Times.Over the past 40 years since China's reform and opening-up, all sectors of Singapore have participated in this process and achieved mutual benefits and win-win results with China.The purpose of my visit is to work with New Zealand to sum up experience, build consensus, deepen cooperation and lift china-singapore relations to a new level.

Li pointed out that the current international political and economic situation is intricate and complex, with more uncertainties.In the more than 70 years since the end of world war ii, world peace has generally been maintained and poverty continues to decline, thanks to multilateralism, a rules-based international order and free trade.Under the current circumstances, we should firmly adhere to the principle of multilateralism, uphold the principle of mutual respect, mutually beneficial cooperation and equality among all countries, big or small.China stands for free trade and supports fair trade. Free trade is a prerequisite for fair trade.The problems arising from the globalization process and free trade should be viewed from the perspective of development and solved through reform. However, they should not go against the basic rules of multilateralism and free trade, let alone start from scratch.The direction of the development of human civilization is clear. Despite the trials and tribulations, as long as we work together, we will be able to overcome the difficulties.

Li stressed that he will also attend the east Asia cooperation leaders' meetings in Singapore to further promote the development of china-asean relations.The regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP), which will cover nearly half of the world's population and nearly a third of the world's trade, is the conclusion of a free trade agreement in accordance with wto rules and is conducive to regional economic integration.Substantive progress has been made in the RCEP negotiations this year.China will continue to push forward the negotiation with all parties in an attitude of mutual benefit and flexibility.It is hoped that all parties will work together to conclude negotiations in 2019 to reach a comprehensive, modern, high-level and mutually beneficial agreement.East Asia cooperation is inseparable from a peaceful and stable environment.At present, the situation in the south China sea is stabilizing and slowing down. China is ready to work with asean countries to comprehensively and effectively implement the declaration on the conduct of parties in the south China sea (doc) and strive to complete the COC consultations in the next three years on the basis of consensus, so as to contribute to regional peace and development.

Li pointed out that China will unswervingly follow the path of peaceful development, adhere to the good-neighborliness and partnership with neighbors, and uphold the principle of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness to promote its relations with countries in the region.The achievements China has made over the past 40 years since its reform and opening-up have been endured by the Chinese people.In the future, China's reform will only get stronger and the door of opening-up will only get bigger and bigger.We welcome businesses from Singapore and asean countries to seize opportunities and increase investment in China.Looking forward to the future, China is ready to work with Singapore to jointly build "One Belt And One Road", create platforms for connectivity, financial support and tripartite cooperation, promote sustained development of china-singapore and china-asean relations and cooperation, and make new contributions to peace, stability and prosperity of Asia and the world.

Li also answered questions on china-singapore relations, innovative cooperation, china-us relations and china-asean cooperation.More than 500 foreign ambassadors from all walks of life in Singapore applauded li's speech many times.This "Singapore lecture" is sponsored by yusuf iza institute of southeast Asian studies, co-organized by "China for trade".State councilor and secretary general xiao jie attended the event.

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