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Into the fair return speech open

Looking forward to a long time, the first China international import expo still gives me a lot of shock.

Top of the list is size."The exhibition covers a total area of 300,000 square meters," and simple Numbers may be hard to conjure up in real space.But consider that seven corporate zones plus one national zone cover an area roughly the size of 42 football fields.On the day of the opening ceremony, the venue will open at 3pm. When I pick up my mobile phone in the evening, I will walk 12.6km that day.Shuttling between the venues, every step has "trampled" the vastness of China's imports.

Then there is the popularity boom.There are more than 4,100 journalists attending the fair. In the news center, all of them are journalists.But when you get to the pavilion, you can hardly see your peers. Exhibitors, buyers, trade groups, and staff of the national exhibition come and go.Imagine that, with hundreds of thousands of people entering the room, 4,100 journalists were indeed vulnerable to dilution.This is rare in various news sites.The atmosphere was really warm.For example, I would like to see the "flying" cars, but several times, the attendance, are several layers of spectators outside and inside, can not penetrate, so they have to race against time to the other scene.

Then there is taste."High and exquisite" "original taste and flavor"...According to preliminary statistics, more than 570 new products, technologies or services have been launched in mainland China.At the nokia booth, I noticed what looked like an ordinary helmet. In fact, the helmet was able to shoot video, transmit data in real-time two-way through 5G, and compare the information in the background. The helmet can help the police determine whether the suspect is in front of them.It may be said that although the thing is small, "connotation" many.

Broad, vast, warm, hot, high-end...The above are the most direct feelings brought to me by expo.If you look deeper, there is scale, category, voice of demand, and feature of supply. Therefore, for many observers, the expo is like a watchtower.Here, we can see the upgrading of China's regional economy and the flow of global trade.Look at the future pattern of Chinese imports.

It is hard to say what will be in the basket of future imports, but it is certain that there will be more variety.From the perspective of various voices in the expo, China's imports are moving towards affordable and popular brands.From the point of view of consumption, the life of import and ordinary people is getting closer and closer.From the perspective of production, more and more foreign consumer brands will enter the Chinese market first, and many new partners in the expo have told us this.

It's hard to say where the future import boom will be, but upgrading consumption will always be a target for foreign investors.I was surprised to find that many foreign entrepreneurs and business people have a nuanced understanding of the Chinese market.For example, they know the "double 11" promotion point;To understand and determine the next consumption trend of third-tier and fourth-tier cities;Analyze the common trend of Chinese market diversification pattern.Companies are planning ahead and looking to the future, and they see the biggest business opportunity in the Chinese market as the need to upgrade.

It's hard to say how far imports will go in a given category in the future, but service growth will undoubtedly be strong.At the first fair, China announced that foreign investors will be concerned about the domestic market gap of education, medical and other areas will also relax restrictions on foreign shares.At the scene, I saw many foreign businessmen rejoicing.They have already studied the Chinese market, only to wait for the threshold to be lowered again, commercial flow will follow.

"" China is expected to import more than $30 trillion of goods and services in the next 15 years, and more than $10 trillion of goods and services, respectively." "What does this $30 trillion, $10 trillion mean?It means that more and more Chinese people will participate in the purchase, and more and more foreign brands will enter the consumption basket of Chinese people.In this sense, the expo is related to every Chinese consumer, the world and the future.

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