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We will face up to the challenges and work together to uphold multilateralism

The industry interviewees pointed out that Asia and Europe are not only two major stabilizing forces in the world, but also the starting place and demonstration area of the joint construction of "One Belt And One Road".In recent years, China and Eurasian countries have made remarkable achievements in policy communication, facility connectivity, smooth trade, financing and people-to-people exchanges.Li's visit to tajikistan, the Netherlands and Belgium has sent a strong signal to the world to continue to expand mutual openness, share cooperation opportunities and jointly safeguard the multilateral trading system and global free trade.

Jointly safeguard the multilateral trading system

the 17th meeting of the council of heads of government (prime ministers) of the sco member states and a visit to tajikistan earlier this month, li also voiced his support for the multilateral trading system.

East China normal university research center deputy researcher qing-song wan, said in an interview with the international business newspaper reporter li keqiang attended the sco member states heads of government meeting, designed to show that China will unswervingly adhere to multilateralism, above the sco ChangDaoGuo and practitioners continue to promote the organization within the framework of multilateral economic and trade cooperation and jointly oppose unilateralism and trade protectionism, maintenance system of multilateral cooperation, hand in hand to deal with external challenges.

In his speech at the 12th asem summit, li said that all parties in Asia and Europe should build a new pattern of openness, linkage, cooperation and win-win with an open mind, inclusive spirit and coordinated action, and add strength and confidence to world development.Asian and European countries to strengthen the "hard unicom" infrastructure, build traffic for Asia and Europe, big industry and big logistics pattern, but also to strengthen system policy rules and standards and other aspects of the "soft" unicom, stimulate the capital, technology, services, and data elements such as energy, uphold the principle of discuss sharing, strengthening the "area" initiative development strategy of docking with other countries and achieve common development and prosperity.

Officials, scholars and people from the economic and trade sectors in Europe responded enthusiastically to li's speech.China-eu digital association, founder and director of Claudia WeiErNuo's opinion, li keqiang, emphasis on multilateralism in the current situation is particularly important, as heavyweight "player" of asia-europe continent, China and the European Union has the responsibility to safeguard the multilateral mechanism and the global trading system, conforms to the asia-europe summit advocated by the spirit.

Deep cultivation One Belt And One Road to achieve win-win

During li's visit to tajikistan, the two prime ministers witnessed the signing of documents on economic and trade cooperation in the areas of smes and customs.Tajikistan is an important country along the "One Belt And One Road" route.In recent years, bilateral economic and trade, investment and economic and technological cooperation have developed rapidly.China has become the largest source of investment in tajikistan and the third largest trading partner.

China's ministry of commerce spokesman peak in a regular conference in October 18, at present, to the both sides actively promote "area" initiative and tower docking "2030 years ago, the national development strategy", promote the tajikistan "area" actively involved in the project, and constantly enrich the complete economic connotation of strategic partnership."The development of One Belt And One Road is highly compatible with the sco in terms of core concepts, key regions and cooperation contents. The two are opportunities for each other, and they are increasingly showing a trend of integrated development and complementing each other."Qing-song wan said, in order to implement the sco in Qingdao in June this year consensus reached by the heads of state summit as an opportunity, through cooperating with sco member states "neighbourhood" all the way, China will continue to promote the development of regional integration, perfecting the sco's multilateral economic and trade cooperation mechanism, the implementation of the members of the multilateral economic and trade cooperation program, for the sco member states to provide more international public goods.

In addition, gao said that li's visit to the Netherlands and Belgium will play an important role in China's further expansion and deepening of bilateral economic and trade relations with the Netherlands and Belgium, in particular, building new platforms for third-party market cooperation.

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