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We will continue to deepen the pattern of opening up to foreign investment

We will safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of foreign enterprises, including intellectual property rights

"It's fair to speak up, but the experience of aou Smith has really made me feel the local government's emphasis on property rights protection and its fair attitude to protect the legitimate interests of foreign enterprises."Aiao Smith (China) water heater company vice President zhu honglan.

Let foreign enterprises really take root

Attracting foreign investment, from a single preferential policy, to more attention to the investment environment.Many logistics enterprises in pingtan, fujian are deeply impressed by the convenience brought by continuously optimizing business environment.

Launched a contain of enterprises with foreign investment for the record to prove the business license, hanaoka pingtan branch general manager chan cheung Quan repeatedly praise."The registration process for foreign businesses used to be very cumbersome.Now it only takes a few hours to register online and register.In pingtan, we will improve the management system based on the record keeping system, which will be applied to the general overseas investment projects and the establishment of enterprises. Such reform will save time and cost for enterprises and greatly stimulate market vitality.

We will expand market access and implement fiscal and tax support policies

In recent years, guangdong, fujian and other provinces have introduced policies and measures to encourage foreign investment.The guangdong provincial government has issued a number of policies and measures to further open up and actively use foreign capital (also known as "ten foreign capital"), which will further expand market access and increase financial incentives for the use of foreign capital.It is proposed that if the financial department of guangdong province invests in real economic projects, sets up headquarters or regional headquarters to a certain scale in guangdong, the reward shall be given according to the proportion of the investment not less than 2%, with the maximum reward of 100 million yuan."" the use of foreign capital is a feature, advantage and important component of guangdong's export-oriented economy, and it is of great significance to further expand opening-up and actively use foreign capital," "said zheng jianrong, director of guangdong's department of commerce.

With respect to ipr protection issues of concern to foreign investors, article 10 of foreign investment clearly proposes to speed up the construction of China (guangdong) ipr protection center and establish and improve the mechanism of patent rapid examination, confirmation and rights protection.Relying on the construction of collaborative protection of intellectual property rights and operation of intellectual property rights, all innovative subjects, including foreign-invested enterprises, will be able to realize rapid protection, strict protection, large protection and simultaneous protection of intellectual property rights.

We will further strengthen oversight of administrative law enforcement and strengthen protection of intellectual property rights, so as to provide better guarantees for the innovation and development of foreign-funded enterprises and fair competition.

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