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Yunnan city investment successively m&a may become China's largest exhibition group

The exhibition economy continues to heat up and the revenue is expected to hit a new high

Data show that the development of China's exhibition industry has maintained a good momentum in recent years.During the seven years, the number of exhibition cities included in the statistics increased from 83 to 175.With the transformation and upgrading of the exhibition industry entering the high-speed development period, chengdu exhibition has been constantly innovating measures in recent years, and has achieved multiple "new breakthroughs" in practical cooperation, international capital cooperation, international exhibition and other aspects.Meetings of finance ministers and central bank governors of the G20, world airline development conference, the 22nd plenary session of the United Nations world tourism organizationMore than 640 major exhibitions will be held in chengdu in 2018, and four action plans will be implemented for "famous exhibitions, famous museums, famous enterprises and famous industries" to continue to build the "capital of international exhibitions", according to the main person in charge of chengdu expo bureau.Chengdu has become the first choice for domestic and foreign major exhibition events in the central and western regions. In the ranking of "China's most competitive exhibition city" in 2017, chengdu exhibition surpassed shenzhen for the first time, ranking the fourth in China and the first in the central and western regions, realizing a major breakthrough from second-tier cities to first-tier cities.

Chengdu as the new rise of "convention", its development potential and influence in the southwest area, and cast the yunnan city to buy chengdu exhibition, not only can quickly into the southwest region, become domestic important carrier of regional layout of convention and exhibition center, its impact performance and development mode is more worth waiting for.

May become China's largest exhibition group holding and operating exhibition area double indicators first

Mount tai will not let the soil, so it will become big.In the evening of May 25, 2018, yunnan city investment property co., ltd. announced that it plans to acquire the comprehensive real estate project of hainan international convention and exhibition center, with a total consideration of about 1.985 billion yuan.According to the official website of yunnan city investment co., LTD., after the acquisition, it will have five exhibition bases, such as kunming dianchi exhibition, kunming international exhibition, chengdu century city exhibition, wuhan national polytechnic center and haikou exhibition center, and become the largest exhibition group in China, which has the highest double index of exhibition area.

Concerted development of diversified industries and steady improvement of comprehensive strength

It has been listed for more than 10 years. Now, yunnan city investment co., ltd. has formed a three-pronged product line pattern featuring residential complex "rongcheng" series, tourism real estate "mengyunnan" series and Yintai commercial operation product line, including hot cities like kunming, Beijing, shenzhen and xi 'an.Since the acquisition of 8 equity stakes of Yintai in November, 2016, yunnan city investment group has completed the acquisition and integration of 16 projects of Yintai, combining the mature business model with its own residence, leisure endowment, medical care, tourism and education to form a comprehensive product service chain.In coordination with the advantages of great health and great leisure resources, the company will transform itself into the industry of health care, cultural tourism and exhibition, and combine the existing product lines to form the diversified upgrading of the three product modules of traditional real estate, health culture tourism industry and future city.

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