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Our country art education domain has exclusive exhibition

It is understood that China art education fair is the domestic first, trade, professional art education fair in the field of vertical, aims to build a college and higher vocational art education, art research institutes and art troupes, intangible heritage, art popularization and training institutions, art education equipment and equipment enterprises such as interaction platform, promoting teaching, production, research and other resource effective docking, fill the blank of the field of art education exhibition industry.The organizing committee plans to hold the education China art fair once a year from 2018 to become a famous brand of education art exhibition in China.

The reporter noted that many cultural and art science and technology enterprises, such as China digital culture group, lyard, yilan technology, transmission of new technology and so on, have participated in the exhibition.Of leah's group cooperation with LingYunGuang technology group, complete digital 3 d animation effects training plan, as long as the audience in a special tight black dress, can incarnate anime characters, dancing in the peach blossom in the virtual world.Some exhibitors said that the digital 3d special effect scheme can collect people's action expressions synchronously, and this technology is popularized in schools, which is conducive to forming a complete training system.

In the opening ceremony performance, many colleges and universities presents a rich content, superb techniques, various forms of art achievement report performance, show most of the major events at home and abroad, the winning works.Many art schools also display teaching achievements over the years, making the audience feel the charm of art education.

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