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Yangtze river delta: make up "a picture" gradient development exhibition industry

On June 11, li qiang, secretary of the Shanghai municipal party committee, said in a joint interview with local media from three provinces and one city that the Yangtze river delta would compile a "map" to make industrial innovation more collaborative.He thinks, the three provinces and one city has a special advantage, must realize the advantage, the young director, mend short board, "at present, through clear background, compiling a long triangle logo figure industry and innovation resources, their industry characteristics and basic identified, both to prevent repeated investment, resource waste, and promote the industrial linkage, the sharing of resources."

Industry experts said that the integration of the Yangtze river delta is conducive to adjusting industrial layout and optimizing resource allocation, coordinating regional development and promoting coordinated development.As a modern international metropolis, Shanghai has advantage in exhibition industry, and neighboring provinces such as jiangsu, zhejiang has strong economic foundation and the advantageous geographical conditions, Shanghai and jiangsu and anhui have larger cooperative space, prospect.

The industrial layout will change

It is reported, the main content of the agreement including startup "moat" ring Shanghai operations, to build "6 + 365 days" perennial trading platform, promote the exhibition goods customs clearance convenience, to strengthen the brand exhibition, Yangtze river delta will travel style brand project, carry out economic and trade joint activities, cooperation deepen China international import fair data mining, promote forming mechanism to jointly develop business opportunities.

What influence will the integration of Yangtze river delta bring to the industrial layout of Yangtze river delta?Nanjing university of finance and economics professor, executive director of institute of modern service industry in jiangsu Zhang Weifu, said the policy of "action plan" and the signing of numerous projects, is to use "government + market" means overall regional development, improve the organizational structure, the leading role.

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