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Results of the docking of the capital distribution of the fair to see the fair: the press conference of the 2018 China fair was successfully held in Beijing

20 theme exhibition areas + more than 30 special events

The SEC has set 20 exhibition, show focus on strategic emerging industries and technological achievements, including AIworld exhibition area of artificial intelligence, a new generation of information technology exhibition, technology innovation brand exhibition, intelligent health and biomedical exhibition galleries, civil-military integration, etc., and display of funds, talents, information, intellectual property rights "innovation chain" on key elements such as related projects, including the international and domestic innovation business exhibition, exhibition area, such as high-end talent.

Among them, the international innovation and entrepreneurship exhibition area presents innovative projects from the United States, Korea, Finland, Norway, Japan, Israel, Singapore, Sweden, New Zealand and other countries and regions.In addition to projects from all over the country, the domestic innovation and entrepreneurship exhibition area has set up a special area of "guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and the bay area", displaying more than 80 projects from Hong Kong and Macao.The high-end talent achievement exhibition area has academician special area and 93 society special area."Unicorn" future exhibition, business incubator/industrial leading brand exhibition, helicopters were displaying famous investment institutions and its excellent cast after enterprises at home and abroad, and domestic and foreign well-known incubator/the space/industrial park, the SEC and the double gen events held in guangzhou results will be displayed in this area, here you can witness the birth of a unicorn.

The SEC will more than 30 special activities, such as the summit of science and technology, the 2018 China (guangzhou) vc roundtable summit, huacheng technology BBS, You 're the Next: founder, automobile BBS science and technology innovation, to share the experience of fission, fusion, artificial intelligence, such as industry can assign forms include keynote, special reports, roundtable discussions, academic exchanges, popular science lectures, experts dialogue, double gen events, such as special activities and exhibition and most closely.More than 200 renowned scientists, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists are expected to speak at the special event this year.Organizers said they hope to build a platform for the project to connect with capital through the special activities of the chuangzhou fair, and help the project achieve results.

Truly achieve the "never ending" of the creative fair

Since 2015 China innovation exchange of scientific and technological achievements, in 2016, the exhibition officially changed its name to China's creative achievements trade fair, obtains the national approval in 2017, the SEC officially settled in guangzhou, guangzhou to undertake and become a "state" fair.Through the practice of the past three years, the SEC in promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, scientific research to the industrial application of solving "the last kilometer" problem, guide the innovation of science and technology resources for the local economic and social development of science and technology and intellectual support these has played a positive role, even better, the exhibition exhibitors more enthusiastically, exhibition project level enhances unceasingly, also show increasing influence.

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