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The hongdao international convention and exhibition center was opened this year, with a maximum span of 171 meters in steel structure

On the 24th, the journalist came to the construction site of "China hongdao international convention and exhibition center" in Qingdao high-tech zone and saw that the main body of the project has been completed and is now in the stage of internal and external decoration."The project was capped at the end of last year and is expected to be put into use by the end of this year."The project plan manager yu-fei wang tells a reporter, red island international conference and exhibition center project positioning in the pavilion, conference, hotel, office and commercial facilities in the integration of the fifth generation of exhibition economy synthesis of a variety of forms, according to the green building samsung standard design construction, a total construction area of 48.8 square meters, pavilion area of about 3 times of Qingdao international convention center pavilion area, PeiJian for hotel use function room more than 1000, more than 2500 PeiJian parking lots, andBig blue can be after the completion of the project to undertake at home and abroad and Qingdao economy, wealth management, commercial and trade cooperation, cultural creativity, topics such as exhibition, exhibition of rail transit can provide conference, exhibition, sports, leisure, tourism, culture, commerce, and comprehensive service functions, which can effectively make up for a lack of Qingdao exhibition facilities such as the status quo, fueled by the practical action of Qingdao "being a good the entire province economic development leading", "creating national center city".

The reporter noted that the hongdao convention and exhibition center is adjacent to jiaozhou bay in the south, and the north side is a large wetland with beautiful environment. However, due to the advantaged geographical conditions, the construction difficulty is greatly increased.According to yu-fei wang, red island convention and exhibition center is located in the coastal silt geology area, must pass a dig silting homework before construction, the deepest excavation reach 12 meters, the silt layer 7 meters, foundation pit size and conditions in the similar geological conditions of Qingdao first.And in the process of construction, the project department DaTiLiang using steel roof structure, super long prestressed structure, big volume tall template, concrete construction technology and other international advanced technology has also increased the difficulty of construction."The steel roof of the project landing hall alone weighs 13,779 tons and has a maximum span of 171 meters."Yu-fei wang said, large steel structure modeling complex, construction difficulty is great, but no pain, no gain, such a large scale and a variety of advanced technology application purpose is to red island convention and exhibition center project into a stand the historical inspection of one hundred high-quality goods project, construction become the new benchmark for Qingdao project areas and new landmark of regional development.

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