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Date 2019.10.17-2019.10.20
Next date 2019.10--2019.10
Interval every year
Istanbul Expo Center / Istanbul Fuar Merkezi / CNR Expo
Atatürk Havalimani Karsisi 34149 Yesilköy, Istanbul Turkey
Marmara Fuarcilik Tanitim
Visitor trade visitors:
Industry Building & Construction, Real Estate ~ Sanitation, Air-conditioning, Plumbing, Lighting
Product Security systems: security monitoring equipment, alarm systems, traffic vehicle security systems, store security systems, RFID hardware to software equipment, other security equipment and materials, telecommunications systems Network security: encryption
Description Smart Houses and Building Automation Exhibition. ISAF Smart Home displays all products and technologies utilized in almost all buildings under construction today and defined as smart building solutions According to statistics, nearly 40,000 people were killed in terrorist attacks and their material losses exceeded 100 billion US dollars. The turmoil in the military political situation With the improvement of the national security awareness and infrastructure in Turkey, its market has shown double-digit steady growth every year. Turkey's geographical location and geopolitical strategic significance are extremely important. Intelligent electronic monitoring equipment such as drones has grown from border security to smart home upgrades. According to A&S Magazine Turkey, the surveillance system (CCTV, IP cameras etc.) accounts for about 50% of the entire security market in Turkey, 15% for fire protection and control, 15% for alarm and early warning systems, and 15% for access control and perimeter security. The other accounted for 5%. This year's third Istanbul airport phase operation is about to start. Not only that, in recent years, the government is making great public construction, including road traffic, banking, urban monitoring, shopping malls, restaurants, etc., bringing more global crowds and attention. It really affects the vertical and vertical market of the industry; safety technology equipment plays a pivotal role in it. Official Turkish foreign trade statistics in January 2018 showed that the import value was 21,022.4 million US dollars, an increase of 38% compared with last year. The largest importer is China, with an import value of US$2.112 billion; followed by Russia, Germany and the United States. Manufacturing products accounted for 79.8% of total imports; medium and high-tech products accounted for 13.2% of them, and high-tech products accounted for 38.2%. Across the best location in Europe and Asia, the corner of the Middle East transportation hub, ISAF is Turkey's only international security industry professional exhibition, hosted by Marmara Exhibition Group, divided into security, security, smart home, occupation Five major themes of safety, health and fire protection. With 21 years of experience, the integration of safety technology and fire protection industry, this year will invite the International Purchasing Committee and distinguish it from international professional visitors. Not only that, the government department is a loyal visitor who must not be absent every year.
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