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Date 2019.10.22-2019.10.25
Interval every three years
Fiere di Parma Fairgrounds
Via Rizzi 67/a 43031 Baganzola - Parma Italy
Fiere di Parma
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Industry Food & Beverages, Food Processing ~ Packaging (Materials, Machinery & Equipment)
Product Meat and seafood processing: cutting parts, cutting, vacuum packaging, freezing equipment, cutting, injection, meat filling, vacuum filling, vacuum rolling, chopping, peeling, smoking and cooking, etc. And additives, etc. Beverage processing equipment and
Description Food Processing & Packaging Technology Exhibition The Parma Exhibition Centre has always been regarded as a landmark in the food industry. The Italian Parma Food Processing Fair CIBUS TEC has been held here for more than 70 years, and the Parma Exhibition Group is also recognized as the only international agricultural and food industry exhibition in Italy. Organizer. At the beginning of the exhibition, the theme of fruit and vegetable processing and packaging was added. In the 1970s, the theme exhibition of dairy products and meat industry was added and developed into an international exhibition, and then rapidly expanded into the whole food machinery and processing of the beverage industry. The packaging exhibition is well known worldwide. The Italian Food Industry Steering Committee is also the co-organizer of the 2014 CIBUS TEC exhibition, and their participation has enhanced the professionalism and authority of the exhibition. The food processing and packaging industry plays an extremely important role in the Italian domestic economy and is the second largest industrial sector ranked second only to machinery manufacturing. At present, the domestic food processing and packaging industry employs a total of 400,000 people, and the annual turnover is as high as 127 billion euros. In general, the Italian agricultural production industry is less developed than other European countries, such as France. On the contrary, the Italian food processing and packaging industry is more developed than other European countries, so the added value created by the industry is also very impressive. The high profits created by the Italian food processing and packaging industry have partly compensated for the lack of profitability in the domestic agricultural production industry.  
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