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Date 2019.10.11-2019.10.13
Interval every year
ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre
Petersburg highway St. Petersburg Russia
Visitor trade and general public
Industry Welfare & Nursing Equipment, Rehabilitation ~ Health Care (Equipment, Products & Services)
Product Health management: medical tourism, international hospitals, precision medicine, genetic testing, stem cell therapy and storage, anti-aging, health management institutions, aesthetic plastic surgery, etc Precision medicine: gene detection, accurate scree
Description International exhibition of products and services in the field of health and medical tourism St Petersburg international health BBS is a unified platform for healthcare professionals, incorporating five professional exhibitions in an exhibition brand.The BBS aims to create a major demonstration platform for innovative solutions to develop effective health systems and improve quality of life in northwestern Russia.The BBS plan covers medical equipment, pharmacy, health and medical services, optics and biotechnology. Ten business events were held in 2016 with the support of relevant ministries and agencies, clusters and associations.The key event in the SPIHF business plan was a plenary session organized with the official support of the world health organization and the saint Petersburg health commission.
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